August 31, 2012

august 2012 stats

Month 2012-08
Activity Walk
Count 51
Total Distance 101.19 miles
Total Walk Time 30:27:15
Total Calories 11045
Average Distance 1.98 miles
Average Walk Time 35:50
Average Calories 217
Average Pace 18:03 per mile

Total miles per dog: Ondine - 77.39; Pan - 8.01; Fergus - 12.97; Alone - 3.85.

I've been doing most of my walking in my boots, but I'm afraid I'm wearing them down too quickly on our suburban streets and sidewalks. I'd rather keep them for travel and rougher stuff. So today I used a gift card and some birthday money to try something a little different:

They seem a little tight to me but Bren and the shoe dude said that's OK. We'll see. Hoping they'll help my knees.


  1. interesting--didn't Michael have some like that?
    Hope they work for your knees (knees are sensitive to shoes, I know)

  2. hey--good for Fergus