April 4, 2012

field notes, iv-iv-xii

I've recently taken both Aries and Ondine separately on a new walk I call the Perimeter Patrol. It follows the streets that form the outermost boundaries of our neighborhood, which I define loosely as including all the streets connecting to ours that don't cross a four-lane road. The new route is about four miles. Both of the dogs seemed to like it a lot, but we have the advantage this week of walking in a cooler part of the morning, since I'm burning some vacation time. Not sure they'd like it as much with the greater traffic and heat of 5:00 p.m. (Ondine's been terrific lately. Noted for the record. She still struggles with loud diesel trucks, but she mostly stands still - straining, but standing - as other cars go by. Vast improvement.)

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