March 3, 2012


My sister came to visit from Colorado, and we gathered our clan at the river - Bren, me, Susan, Sandi, Mike, Sarah, Richard, Amy, Pete, Aries and Ondine. It was a big group, and we got spread out a few times. Ondine demonstrated her shepherding instincts - she'd run to the front group, circle around them, and then run back to the end of the line and check in with the stragglers. Aries loves and revels in water; after both Pete and Ondine had their fill, Aries kept on swimming and swimming, and later, after a good hike, he bounded back into the water again like a crazy bunny.

(The bluebonnet and indian paintbrush [aka prairie fire] above are the first of the season. If we get a little spring rain, we might have a good wildflower season...)

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  1. Spectacular colors!! :)