February 22, 2012

field notes, ii-xxii-xii

Ondine and I saw a flight of several dozen black vultures heading northwest into a beautiful pink and purple sunset; the late-evening sun turned the leading edges of their wings gold.

I have great respect for vultures. As I watched them, I thought about how society portrays them. Granted, they're lice-ridden, filthy animals whose poop will peel the paint off of any surface, and they're likely to vomit on you if you get too close, but all that aside, they really should get more credit. Say whatever else you will about them, but no vulture has ever harmed another living creature. Vultures don't cage other animals and force-feed them to monstrous proportions, and they don't cruelly slaughter and eat their victims. They take whatever comes to them and make the best of it. We could learn from them.

In other news, earlier in the evening Ondine and I met a beautiful young couple in the parking lot of the frisbee golf course. The man was tall and slender and had great skin, and the woman was bronze and tawny and breathtaking. The man asked if he could pet Ondine, and I said yes, if he approached her slowly. She doesn't like it at all when people come at her too quickly - who does? The man seemed to understand and stood quietly and allowed Ondine to approach him, and then knelt and gently stroked her head. She responded by giving him her "Oh, b'gosh and begorrah, you're the most special person in the whole wide world" look. The couple gushed over her, and the man said, "Oh, we need a dog, bad." As I watched how he interacted with her, I said, "Seems to me you're ready for one."

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