February 8, 2012

field notes, ii-viii-xii

Ondine was as bad as she's ever been this evening, though she did surprise me once or twice with good behaviors, such as sitting politely as we waited to cross Liberty Walk into the park.

A later start, 5:45, after she ate
Lots of evening traffic
A little cooler than usual
A slower pace

Yeah. Oh, we watched a jogger with a spitz mix pass, and Ondine looked at me like, "Why aren't we doing that?" And just before we turned into our driveway, I looked up to catch the last pink embers of the sunset and saw the evening's first star. I wished right away, "O please help this young lady learn to behave around cars."


  1. A 9news morning female news anchor was bitten on
    the face today by a Mastiff that had been rescued yesterday from a frozen lake. yikes--I'm going to check the online report to find out
    more. The reporter has undergone reconstructive surgery.
    Nervous with cars doesn't sound so bad.

  2. Well, "nervous" is one thing, bonkers is another. (And Ondine weighs about 37 pounds, not 200.) Hope the reporter's OK.