January 31, 2012

field notes, i-xxxi-xii

Nevermind me. Just puzzling out what works. Ondine behaved as well as she ever has tonight - though she still gave chase to most of the passing cars, she only barked at one. I thought if I jotted some notes it might help us over the long haul. So what did we do tonight? Two miles...

A comically fast pace
5:00 p.m., before dinner
Fine weather, 70-ish and clear

We encountered a couple unleashed but well-mannered dogs. They were no problem with a steady (fast) pace and a little distance between us and them. (She's consistently OK if the other dog behaves, but she's also always on high alert and reacts quickly to changes.)

We've been using the combination martingale/front-pull harness with the chain leash. Seems to be the best rig so far.

Oh, in other news, I figured out the whole dark energy thing. You know how when you get older time passes more quickly? It's like that. Somebody just has to do the space/time math now. But yeah, when you realize time's a sliding scale it helps square the 6,000-year-old-earth thing, you know, like when the world was just a kid, those first few decades were really really long. Time lasts longer when you're young. (How is it that I'm writing "2012" on stuff? Sheesh when did that happen?)

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