December 26, 2011

snippets xi-xix

...For all we know, this is year we will finally feel at home; we will sail the seas; we will find a job; we will beat a repossession, a foreclosure, an eviction; we will graduate; we will marry.

This is the year that will satisfy some large and persistent longing.

- Stacia L. Brown, "Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice."

2011 was the Year of Chaos and Turmoil. Here's hoping 2012 is calmer.

Which brings us to 2012 New Year's Resolution and Planning Time! Woot!

- New job!
- Spend 100 nights outside.
- Read, write and walk every day.
- Play the guitar. Draw.
- Eat healthy.
- Frugalify.

(Author reserves the right to edit this list at whim.)

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  1. I say HEAR! HEAR! to this post! I would like to give 2011 a giant kick in the pants.