December 7, 2011

skinny legs and all

Ondine was keeping all her weight off her leg on Monday so we took her in for a check-up. The doc didn't find anything from a physical exam and didn't think x-rays were necessary, but he told us to limit her activities for the next seven days. He said, "You're off the hook with the walks for a week."

I do not think he expected my look of dismay. Walking her is the highlight of my day. I may write too much about her car issues and not enough about her good qualities. She's a really good friend. She has helped me in ways I would never have imagined when we adopted her last January.

(Do you like her new Martha Stewart sweater? She looks like she's ready to bake a pie.)


  1. That and it's hard to keep an active dog quiet. Heiden got stitches like a month ago and we were supposed to keep him quiet for 10 days, and Mark and I were both like, "Yeah, right." I think he (and we) made it two.

    Glad you love her so much, and love the sweater!

  2. Yes, she made me not worry so much about you. She has made you a happier person. I love her too and she looks very attractive in her MS sweater.

  3. Pete's is a Martha Stewart sweater TOO!
    And I love that dog as well. She's so sweet and downright adorable.

  4. Blue toes?? Polish or cold?

  5. lol, no, just late-evening light...

  6. love the sweater! And that dog keeps me entertained too!