November 22, 2011

whatcha reading xxiv

I took Inyo running in the desert, the two of us like a couple of white dwarf stars drawing too much mass from each other and about to explode from the pressure. Gazing upward into that unpeopled sky-country, Inyo orbiting me in the dark, I saw us as specks in all that celestial acreage where she and I could never run. Along the rutted dirt track we picked up the pace...faster now, we sprinted uphill until my lungs ached and I fell on my knees. Pressing my palms into the dirt, I realized how close I'd come to having our lives figured out. But close wasn't good enough...

- Part Wild, Ceiridwen Terrill

Great book. Heartbreaking, honest, enlightening, real. Here's another favorite quote: "I don't know if there's a heaven for people, but there's definitely a heaven for dogs...No, dogs aren't perfect. They're a miracle."

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