November 20, 2011

garden camping xvi

Nights 21 and 22.

We got an unexpected refund from our insurance company, and REI had the Kelty Coyote 80 on sale. Woot! My "get out of Dodge" plan is taking shape. Bren and I spent all day yesterday working on our 72-hour kits (items in red are not in the pack yet). This is not an ultralight set-up: it weighs in at 42 pounds, and it's packed pretty tight. I need to shed six pounds of equipment to keep it at 20 percent of my weight. The backpack is nice...I was intimidated by all the straps and zippers at first but after loading everything in it, it all seems well thought out.


  1. Are you and Brenda going to apply for the
    Amazing Race?

  2. oh, of course. I thought they were packets of clever, I thought. But not too thirst quenching...

  3. No, you're right - they're sealed packets of water from Emergency Essentials - about 4oz apiece - a couple per meal.