November 6, 2011

garden camping xiv

Adventure no. 14, nights 16 and 17 this year. Cold yesterday morning - mid-40s, but it stays pretty warm in the tent with the rainfly zipped up. This morning was much warmer - mid-60s, with light sprinkles. (Woke to fighting cats, the barking of the neighbors' dogs, and the early morning hollerings of grackles and bluejays.) A cardinal and a wren came foraging to within a foot of the tent door this morning - nice.

I ought to just move into the garden permanently, but then again I haven't had to deal with a rainy or snowy night yet, and the summer nights, with lows in 80s and 100 percent humidity, are kind of miserable. This time of year, though, is fantastic.


  1. A snowy night in Texas?

  2. We get a dusting once every three years or so, usually around Valentine's Day.