October 16, 2011

x-xvi-xi o report

Ondine's been doing much better on her walks. The pinch collar helps her maintain her composure around cars - she still wants very badly to chase each and every one that passes, but she hasn't been cranking her dial to 11 (a barking, twisting, lunging frenzy) nearly as often. (She gets upset when cars are speeding or behaving erratically. Cars that pass us straight and steady don't provoke her too much, but intersections are a challenge.)

As far as her recovery goes, the daily walks seem to be the best thing for her. She still favors her injured leg and limps a little after she has overdone it in the backyard with the tennis ball. She'll probably always be that way. The third picture above is a good illustration - the injury doesn't slow her down much, but she drives more with her right leg and lifts her left leg higher and lands on it more softly.

Oh, one other aside. We were at the garden center on Saturday and I was overhearing a mother talking to her three- or four-year-old, when I realized I could substitute "Ondine" for "Montana" or "Ashleigh" (or whatever the child's name was) and we would have achieved a near-perfectly matched level of conversation and comprehension - the biggest difference being that Ondine can go from zero to 40mph in a blink of an eye. :)

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  1. Looking good--glad she's doing well.

    "sit" and "stay" are good commands for children
    and pets--the children not so much at obeying.