October 7, 2011

garden camping x!

My tenth backyard adventure this year.

The utility district abutting ours has put out signs declaring, "Stage 3 emergency watering restrictions - absolutely no outdoor watering of any kind." Our district hasn't gone that far yet (we can still hand-water) but probably will soon. Crazy dire. We need days and days of ar-eh-eye-en (we dare not speak its name lest we jinx it). It's been close a few times lately, but keeps missing us. We had a nice breeze last evening - nothing better than falling asleep to wind in the leaves - and a 40 percent chance of something something over the weekend. Cross your hope springs.

A handheld 10-second exposure (+5 EV).


  1. We have rain, rain today--with snow in the mtns. and a little falling in
    I'll blow, blow and see if we can push some your way.

  2. Dear Anonymous - Thanks for that. Your efforts resulted in success. We owe you.