October 28, 2011

field notes, x-xxviii-xi

Thrice in the past few weeks Aries and I have been stopped by sketchy people complimenting his good looks. The first was a rangy dude selling something door-to-door who asked, "What bloodline is he?" I said he's a rescue. (Is that a bloodline?) The second was a hunter-type in a pickup, you know, salt of the earth, probably has a breeding pair of brittanies or catahoulas in a kennel out back. Today a slick kid driving a blinged-out rice-burner pulled over at a 45-degree angle to the curb, rolled down his window and called out, "That's a good-lookin' dog, man." I said, "Yeah, he's a good guy," and kept walking. I kind of think I should have added that he's neutered and has an underbite.

We should probably look over our shoulders before we turn into our driveway when we get home, huh.

O-girl continues to have her ups and downs, but more ups than downs lately, especially when we mix in some running. We had a rough time crossing a road into the park tonight as a dozen or so cars passed in both directions. She got pretty tense, but she held it together. When we finally had an opening, we ran across, and when we got into the park, she attacked my feet. That's an interesting development, since she's turning her attention back to me more quickly. That's something we can build on...


  1. you should say "yah he's purdy but he's reeeeeel mean."

    I remember we were walking Mack while camping & crossed paths with a guy & his dog. Karen asked him, "is your dog nice?" to see if Mack could greet him and the guy just said, "sometimes" real slow. So we just moved on.

  2. I think "sometimes" is a good answer.