September 21, 2011

whatcha reading xxii

The problem of getting horses and mules ashore was solved in typical [General] Shafter fashion: they were simply shoved into the sea and left to find the beach for themselves. Some hysterical animals chose to swim instead for Haiti, until a bugler on the beach thoughtfully blew a cavalry call. The horses, according to one witness, "came round to the right and made for the beach like ships answering their helms."

- The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, Edmund Morris

Great biography. I have mixed feelings about the man - on one hand I admire his forthrightness and courage, but on the other I wish he would have had a little more humility. Same with his legacy. Interesting fellow.


  1. I didn't like him once I heard that he went on a hunting expedition in Africa and he and his party brought back 40,000 animals. Before the ASPCA and all, but still.

  2. Yet if he hadn't been an avid hunter, he might not have been such a staunch conservationist, and where would our national parks system be today without him? Again, mixed feelings...

  3. no guts, no glory

  4. Oh, I guess I didn't know he was involved in the national parks. Maybe I should read that book!