September 8, 2011

new os first impressions

I just installed Joli OS 1.2 on my Asus eeePC 900. I had a little trouble booting from the external CD and then later getting it to recognize the onboard SD card reader, but a couple of system BIOS tweaks opened everything up. I'm still feeling my way around the file system. Seems like hardware settings are hard to find. Maybe that's just as well once things are up and running.

The OS came pre-loaded with a lot of goofy apps; I kept about a third and downloaded a couple others.

There's occasionally some lag time on screen refreshes, so it seems like it's slow, but I think it's keeping itself busy in the background, you know, it's not just sitting there frozen.


Joli advertises this OS as a way to breathe new life into old computers. The whole setup seems more cloud-centric than local storage-oriented, but I think it's kind of dumb to keep a lot of data on your machine anyway. (I like hard drives as opposed to the cloud for privacy reasons. Guess I'm old-fashioned.) There's a whole section devoted to social stuff - app sharing and tweets and product-rating stuff, but I'm not too interested in those kinds of things. Present company excluded, narf.


  1. I understood none of that tech talk haha!!

  2. I think this OS and Google's Chomium OS have things going in the right direction. Having things stored in the cloud is good if you need quick access to files anywhere in the world. But the cloud is very unsecured and most of the time your files are being stored on a third party server...

  3. The default browser included with this one is Chromium.

    Might be interesting to put a sniffer on the machine to see what kind of information it's passing to the cloud when you're not looking.

  4. what language are you speaking??