August 27, 2011

august's last weekend

I was up early so I took O to Cat Hollow Park around 6:00 a.m., before the heat. She seems to like her new lead a lot. It's much longer than I realized, probably closer to ten feet than the seven or so I had in mind. It gives her more freedom of movement. She does a little better with passing cars if she has room to run a few steps, rather than being tightly confined on a short lead, which gives me more control but frustrates her. Also, if I start running whenever a car passes, she has to follow me quicker, which helps dissipate some of her energy. It's probably good for me, too, to throw a few minutes of running into our daily walks. Doggy fartlek.

When we were at the park we ran (er, shuffled) across the field a few times. She loves that - she prances and skips and smiles when we go fast. (Fast for me. Normal for her.)

A little later in the morning I rode my bike to Brushy Creek Lake Park. It was 89 when I left at 9:30 and 99 when I got home an hour later. The forecast says 108 today and 109 tomorrow. Hottest weekend of the year. Bluh.

Oh, I had some bloodwork done recently. Triglycerides = 498. My doc says I have to walk more, eat cooked veggies with every meal, and never eat sugar EVER. I have a good doctor. He was alarmed enough by the numbers to recommend more labs in six weeks, but we settled on three months - which means my next blood test will be right after Thanksgiving. No pie!?!


  1. welcome to the triglyceride club--but what is life without sugar?!?

  2. fish oil-all around. Maybe fish-oil pie?

  3. Better yet--schedule your test the day before Thanksgiving and then pie away!!!