May 28, 2011

v-xxviii early

I camped in the backyard again last night. I like it, but it's getting kind of hot. It was still in the 80s at midnight when I finally went to bed. Woke up around 3 a.m. kind of sweaty, but it was nice at 7 a.m. when Ondine prodded my head through the nylon. (I'm reluctant to let her sleep with me out there until I can figure out a way to protect the tent floor from her nails.)

After I got up I took O for a long walk. We found two large turtles on the trail a mile apart. One seemed to have dug itself a hole. I wonder if it's egg-laying time? We also saw two fawns in a herd of a half-dozen does. That's always a treat. O likes deer - she's quiet and thoughtful when she sees them.

A little later we passed a teenage girl with an iPod on a swing set swinging really high with her eyes closed. Fun, but with a touch of melancholy. Beauty is where you find it.

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