May 22, 2011

river run, v-xxii

Thunderstorms northwest of us over the last couple days got the river flowing again. Ondine swam for the first time today - she usually just wades and splashes, but keeps her feet on the riverbed. (Aries deliberately heads for the heaviest flow and swims against it.) Fergus went with us for the first time today - he did well, though he prefers to stay in contact with someone - it's probably best for him to keep out of the path of crazies anyway.


  1. Our dog's a freak! I had a nice time today :)

  2. AnonymousMay 23, 2011

    About pictures 2 & 3--What's up, freak-wads?!

  3. Post-FHO agility, is what.

  4. looks like the pelvis is healing nicely!!
    And please give Fergus a hug from me.