May 28, 2011

o v-xxix

I've been spelunking around the intertubes looking for clues about Ondine's origins. I'd been thinking she bore a resemblance to silken windhounds, and today I found a picture of a windhound pup with her markings who was lost as a yearling. I sent an e-mail to the breeder - turns out the lost pup was a boy, so no match there, and the breeder thought Ondine looked much more like a border collie than a windhound. I'll take her word for it. Although Ondine has a deep, narrow chest and long legs that suggest a sighthound, border collies weren't traditionally bred for conformity, so their body types can vary a lot. Her high energy and a few other traits (most notably, her "border collie stare," which she has recently been practicing on Aries) strongly suggest that she comes from that family. (Our other theory - that she's part bc and part baboon - probably makes the most sense of all.)


  1. AnonymousMay 30, 2011

    I like the "stare" part-- a valuable tool

  2. Well, she just goads him with it.