April 19, 2011

it's like living with a toon ii

Apart from having serious issues with passing cars - probably fear-driven aggression - she's doing well. I was angry with her yesterday and discovered she responds to stern commands - that's something I'll have to work on. (I don't have to get mad, I just have to put my foot down. That's hard for me. We might need a behaviorist to help us with the car thing. Or infinite patience. Or $8-a-gallon gas.)


  1. Mack lunges/barks at passing cars too. Hot dog bits & a clicker seem to do well to distract him as they go by but it's not so good when I forget to bring them along!

  2. how ironic...the word I had to type for my last comment to show I'm not a spammer was 'hyper'

  3. I think desensitization is the key; it will require time and patience. I've been taking her to a field and working with her at the edge of where she starts getting distracted by passing cars and bikes.