March 17, 2011

oh ouch, ondine

Ondine yelped and pulled up lame last Friday and has been favoring her left hind leg since, though it didn't slow her down much. Still, her hip didn't look or feel right, so Bren took her to the doctor today. We discovered that not only was Ondine's hip disjointed, but that an injury in her past had shattered a wall of her pelvis. I saw the x-rays. One side of the image showed a long, smooth, graceful curve, and the other, a mass of rubble. She will need some surgery.

Last Sunday Sandi said of Ondine, "I think you picked a good one," and I said, "I don't think we picked her. I think she picked us. I don't know how these things happen."

But Bren and I both feel today that actually, we do. Her surgery and rehabilitation will likely be an expensive, time-consuming process. Bren gets a good discount on animal care, and Ondine will have lots of people who like her a lot overseeing her recovery. Right place, right time: These critters come into our lives for a reason. We are grateful for them all.


  1. oh poor thing! Can't wait to see her perk up after the surgery--she's been so docile and reserved thus far! ;)
    Hope it all goes well!!

  2. Poor Ondine--tell her "sorry" for us.
    Such a lovely lady!