January 25, 2011

quantum entanglement over time

I sort of understand intuitively, not mathematically, how quantum entanglement (via dangerousmeta) could stretch across both time and space. But it does beg the question that if we do someday figure out how to use quantum entanglement to send a message to the future, why wouldn't future people (who by virtue of the event having already occurred will already know how to do it) be sending messages back through time to us? A couple options: a) We're already receiving those messages, and everything that's happening to us now is part of a greater plan (the end goals of which we do not know or understand), or b) the future knows better than to mess with the past (having once or twice tried, perhaps, and now it's really sorry) or c), we humans never quite figure out how to use quantum entanglement to send messages through time (which would mean that the pursuit of the answer to that question gets interrupted before the mystery is solved). I dunno. Voting is now open.


  1. Sounds like one of the problems at Emma's math challenge.
    I couldn't solve those either.

  2. The sent messages back in time to change the future for the better, presumably, and eventually they will have sent enough messages and changed their present situation sufficiently that it's "good enough," at which point they don't have to send messages back anymore.