September 12, 2010

some post-flood pictures

The local hike and bike trail wasn't totally washed away by Hermine. I would estimate 20 percent of it between Great Oaks and the dam is badly damaged, another 20 percent mildly so, but the rest is in pretty good shape.

Until you get to the dam. It looks like the waters found a route around the southern end of the dam and carved a new channel back into the creek below. This section is about 50 yards wide; some of the ruts are eight feet deep. A fellow cycle-toter said this was still a raging torrent a couple days ago. (For perspective, that's a jogger with a jogging stroller at the top of the frame.)

This is a view of the trail from below. (I portaged my bicyle across the washout to continue.)

These carp were trapped in a pool at the bottom of the washout.

There's a bright side for some...

Here's the flood gauge in the lake. It's at 24 feet. The water is still up to the sidewalk that crosses the dam. It's evident that the water was over the sidewalk for a while. I wonder where all the snakes went.

The worst of the damage is above the dam. The park that ordinarily nestles snugly in the trees on the north shore of the lake is gone. This is the children's waterpark, which is normally a quarter mile or so from the water:

And here's a tree near the dam:

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