July 14, 2010

armageddon preparations

Coffee! If these work, I'll have something with which to barter when the economy collapses.

I planted eight of these little guys in two large pots and then the remaining seven in two of the square-foot boxes outside, between the insect-devoured cabbage stalks. (Three of my boxes are in the shade, so they've turned out to be not much good for anything but radishes. Even after the upcoming worldwide economic collapse, I can't see people trading TP for radishes. But coffee? I'll have to buy a shotgun.)

It will likely be six or eight or ten years before these plants produce any beans, if ever. Planning ahead, you know. We're hot and humid here, but at 750-ish feet, our elevation is 3,250 feet or so below optimum. I figure there's no way I'm the first in these parts to try this, and Texas is not known for its coffee beans. But hey, worth a shot: $10 for two four-inch pots of seedlings just might turn out be the best investment I'll ever have made.

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